5 Simple Renovating Points

Renovating is all about the space. Mostly it comes down to logic, well it is for a professional, maybe not as simple if you’re new to the world of renovating and decorating.

There are several leading tips:

  • Plan your space, have a really good idea as to how it needs to function. i.e. a fabulous bedroom won’t work if you don’t include adequate wardrobe or storage space for your clothes. A dark wall colour won’t work well for a small space, or very busy wallpaper. Measure out your bed size, allow adequate room to
    move around the bed and include the bedside tables. Ensure the bed isn’t going to obstruct any doors.
  • Know your budget, a designer may seem like an added expense, until you make some costly mistakes. Lay out what you’re expecting for your money, it will soon be obvious if you’re in the realms of reality or need to revisit your expectations.
  • Keep it neutral for Bathrooms, Kitchens etc. Longevity is the key to saving money, no point if you hate that purple splashback tile in 12months time, it’s just more money to have it changed. Try using your colour in removable accessories, like towels, art, and window treatments, much easier to cycle a summer or winter look towels.
  • Make sure you have all your quotes and included contingencies before starting. No point having the kitchen quoted with all your inclusions maxing the budget to find out you’re several thousand short to remove the old one and repair any tile or wall damage it causes, there can be surprises when old products are removed, like water leaks, termites etc. ensure there is still money in the kitty to cover it.
  • Lastly, hire a project manager for home renovations in Cairns (yes its more difficult than it seems). They can control your costs and timing of the renovation. Having no kitchen or bathroom means you either have to move out, or improvise and you want that down time to be as short as possible.
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